About Us

The passion I have for VW's is something that I developed at a very early age. My father was a factory trained VW mechanic in the early 70's and shortly after owned his own independent VW repair business.  As a child I was fascinated with what I saw and immediately wanted to learn. I have many great memories as a child helping my father rebuild air cooled engines and learning to do the common maintenance and repair procedures associated with air cooled VW's.

I loved the simplicity of the early VW's, but was much more intrigued by the "new" watercooled cars that were much faster, had good heat and AC, and were easier to keep on the road. This began a deep passion for the early watercooled cars that I still have today.

In 1995 I was in high school and was fortunate enough to get a job at a local VW repair shop. My first job was to take a late 70's fuel injected beetle that had caught fire and restore it to running condition. To make a long story shorter, I worked on the project for the better part of a week and got it up and running and even looking good. Aside from the mechanical work, there was a bit painting and detailing involved. This was definitely different that your average repair - which meant that I liked it that much more.

In 1998 I went to work for the family VW / European auto repair and restoration business. It was here that I got lots of experience in all aspects of automotive restoration. We worked lots of hours and I got the chance to work on many different makes of vehicles. From body work to transmission and wiring harness building, I got deeply engrossed in the whole thing.

I was the manager of the family business for several years and eventually left to start my own venture. I opened my own business in 2009 and continued to do restoration work until 2013.

Over the years, I have worked very hard to make good contacts with suppliers of high quality parts. In 2013 I decided to use these contacts as best I could to move my business in the direction of being a parts supplier for Watercooled restoration. There is no one better to buy from that someone who actually has experience in restoration and the fitment of the parts he sells.