UM TTE420 MK6 Golf R tuned ECU - plug and play!!


$ 500.00 $ 999.00

For sale is a TTE420 ECU tuned my United Motorsports. This is a “Loaded” file, so the end user can adjust target boost, octane, launch rpm etc via VCDS. Please see United Motorsports website for more details regarding that.

This ECU is from a Golf R and functions perfectly. The loaded option is very nice so that you can turn the boost down and cruise or turn it up and turn up the octane, run race fuel and take it to the track. The part number is 5K0 907 115M. For the ECU to function properly, you must install a HPFP upgrade. Everything else can remain stock, however you would greatly benefit from an intake, intercooler and exhaust.

The purchase price is for the ECU with the tune and immo off. 


The price of this tune from UM is $999.00. If you consider that, the cost of the Ecu itself and the cost of having the immo turned off, this is a steal. We wouldn’t sell this ECU, but our customer asked us to - since we are now going a different direction with the vehicle. 

Our loss is your gain!!!!

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