VW MK1 Rabbit Cabriolet Pickup Scirocco Shifter Shift Selector Rod Set

German Aftermarket

$ 10.95 $ 13.95

Up for sale is a pair of NEW shift selector rods for your MK1 VW. Part numbers 171711593E & 171711574B

These two pieces are key in shift linkage operation. From under the hood, it is quick and easy to replace these before you are stranded with an inoperable shifter-

These items fit all VW MK1 Rabbits, Jettas, Sciroccos, Pickups and Cabriolets from 1975+ with a 5-speed transmission. If you need selector rods for a 4-speed, place your order and leave "4-speed" in the notes section of your order.

This is a direct replacement, GERMAN aftermarket part.

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