VW MK1 Rabbit Scirocco Cabriolet steering column rebuild kit V2


$ 61.90 $ 139.00

We are now offering an upgraded solution for rebuilding your MK1 steering column. This is now our Version 2 of this Kit. We have tested and test fitted many different materials to fine tune what is now the most durable, best fitting and longest lasting column kit yet. That being said, we do offer a lifetime replacement warranty on the lower bearing, race and sleeve.

 We are a small, enthusiast owned business here in the USA and have been in the VW Parts, Service and Restoration scene since 1994. This is a USA made product - using the best quality German made bearings available.

 Do it once and do it right!! There is no need to tear down your column only to tear it down again later to replace another expensive part. Developed, tested and assembled in house, I can assure there are no better quality components on the market. Our goal at MK1Engineering is to produce a top quality product for a reasonable price. That is exactly what we have here-

This kit includes: 

1) Lower steering column bearing/ bushing- OEM part number 171 419 517:  For this we used a German bearing with almost twice as many needles as the original. The bushing we made from a much more durable material than the original. It has tighter tolerances and will not get brittle and fall out after years of use. 

2) Inner race OEM part number 171 419 518A: The outer sleeve of the inner race is a non-corrosive material for the lower bearing to ride on. The inner portion of this race is again a much more durable material than any of the original and will not dry out, crack, or move on your column. 

3) Upper steering column bushing OEM part number 171 419 341:  this bushing fits tighter than the originals and is more forgiving. The end result is a tighter feel at your steering wheel. 

*we are out of stock of the small grease packet- as seen in the photos - it will NOT be included in your purchase. As soon as more stock arrives, we will update this listing. Sorry for any inconvenience*

This kit has been developed and tested here at MK1Engineering with the enthusiast in mind. It will not disappoint!!  

Fits ALL MK1 chassis cars from 1977-1989

With our confidence in craftsmanship and the quality of the materials we use, we are offering a LIFETIME replacement warranty on this kit. We cannot, however, warranty against improper installation. 

****We will be the first to admit that the install of this kit is difficult. You can refer to the Bently manual for disassembly/assembly, but, we STRONGLY advise a seasoned, professional technician do the job. Also, you must keep in mind that most technicians, regardless of experience, have not restored a MK1 steering column. If you have any questions pertaining to the install, please contact us. We are happy to help if at all possible**** Sales@MK1engineering.com****

Installation is pretty self explanatory. We are going to do a YouTube video showing the install soon, but as for now, here are some notes:

Once the column is removed from the car, remove the switch from the column and pull the shaft out. You have to keep in mind it’s a collapsible column so mark where it is. With the shaft in the vise, you can drive the old race off the shaft and the new one on in the same place. You may want to use wd40 or something to make it a little easier. Remember to drive against the plastic and metal portion of the inner race at the same time.

If the column has an existing bearing, you can use a long 1/2 extension and drive it out from the top side.

Grease the new bearing well and knock it in the column (flush) from the bottom with a dead blow hammer or a hammer and a piece of wood. I would not lubricate it going in.

After this, you can slide the shaft back in the column and in place where the race is exactly where it was and the lock for the column will line up perfectly. The small busing goes inside the switch housing from the back side and could use a little grease going in. Once your done with this, you can put the switch back on the column and you’re good to go-

Fits ALL MK1 chassis cars with the exception of some early examples (1977 and earlier). Please take a look at your lower bearing setup before ordering if you have an early vehicle.

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